Adopted German Shepherds


Miss Anya is a 7 month old Belgian Malinois. She was too much for her previous owners, they did NOT research the breed, to know that they are really Maligators!! Very smart and very high energy. They do not make good pets, they are working dogs, that need a job to do, whether it is agility, tracking, SAR, Schutzhund, or herding, they need to be kept busy or they willl destroy house and yard. Obedience is a  must. A strong person is needed for the Malinois. Anya is learning not to jump on people, play nice with other dogs, and is starting her obedience classes too. She is a counter surfer, so we are working on that also. If you have a job for Anya, please fill out our online application. PS we changed her name, Anna just didn't seem to fit. She is now Anya!! » read more


Ellie is a 4 yr old spayed girl. Ellie loves all people and kids, she is becoming territorial to other dogs, but I think that can be worked out.  She has gone through a divorce with her owners, and being a sensitive GSD as they are, she is feeling their pain. So a great stable home right now would be the best for her. Ellie is housebroke, and has great manners, » read more


Skye is here and what a sweet and happy girl she is, now that she is no longer on a chain, she loves to give kisses, loves playing ball and does like her rocks, which we are trying to break her of, it is kinda hard on her teeth!!! She is great in the house, rides well in the car, and wants to play with the other dogs. She will make someone a great companion...Skye has been with a guy for about a year and a half. She was born 3/15/2009.  Gotten from another family that was going to put her down as she was not working out for their family. The present owner keeps her pretty much tied up all the time.  So she is bored and looking for a job or some fun!!! When she comes in the home, she is well mannered and crate trained. She is very affectionate and really loves the guy and his family.  She got off her lead last weekend and tried to pull neighbor out from under car he was working on. She didn't break skin and she came when called.  She gets along fine with other large dogs, not sure about small dogs or cats.    » read more


Caleb is a sweet goofy BIG puppy dog, he is about 1 1/2 yrs old. Caleb has no training, but we have started his obedience and he is doing very well. He does like to jump up, so no one with little kids, we are also working on curbing the jumping. He is so eager to please. Caleb loves riding in the car, and is very well mannered otherwise. He just wants to play and needs some guidance. » read more


Sierra is a 6 yr old very sweet girl. Her owner had to go into assisted living, so we are trying to find her another home. Sierra has great house manners, great obedience, just wants to be with her person, as most GSD's do. She loves to go for rides in the car. NO cats, chickens, or little dogs for this girl, she plays too rough. She is house trained and overall a wonderful girl, just looking for her forever home. » read more

Bonnie-Long Coat

Bonnie is the sweetest gal, she really gives great kisses. Loves to be brushed and loves lots of attention. Someone dumped Bonnie-long coat and Clyde/(Caleb) and they were going to put Bonnie down, but we are going to save her. She is a very sweet girl that just wants to be with someone and loves attention. She has never been on a leash, so I am working on that and she is doing very well. She doesn't wander far, staying close to your side. Bonnie is going mostly blind. However, she gets around very well. Bonnie will require a fenced yard to help her establish her boundaries, she loves to go for car rides. So if there is anyone out there with compassion that will take on a sweet blind girl. Bonnie is approximately 3-4 yrs old. Please fill out our online app.. » read more


Vonn needs a home with direction and training. Vonn is a nine month old purebred GSD that was rescued from a puppy mill at 3 months. He is very hyper and have a super strong prey drive. He does well with kids and other dogs, even little ones, but not with cats. He needs a home that is much more active than ours and someone with the time and patience to work with him. One of his ears only stands up about half the time but we think that gives him character :) » read more


Dax is here and is a great big, long coated, 2 yr old, puppy, unfortunately, his owners didn't take time to train him when he was younger. Athough he does know sit and down. He is a bit reactive around other dogs, so is getting some training for that. He is great with people, but will need to go to an experienced home, due to his size and lack of training. He rode to Montana with a car full of little kids, and did great. » read more

Diva-Malfoi- Malinois'

Sorry to inform all, but Diva passed away due to a cancerous bladder. Malfoi did not do well without her and declined rapidly so he was put down humanely. They will be missed and had the time of there life here at the dog ranch...Diva and Malfoi came in as a pair of seniors. They are very sweet dogs, Diva is a doll, Malfoi is hurting so is a bit growly. We are starting him on Rimadyl for arthritis pain. Can someone find it in their hearts to give either just Diva or both of these 2 seniors a home for the years that they have left?? Malfoi will stay here till he passes on. He does kind of fall over, but still perky....They are house trained, ride great in the car, and were Military dogs at one point in their lives. So they know lots of commands. They have been together their whole lives. The son left town and left the dogs with his Dad, who cannot take care of them. No other dogs or cats, in the household. Someone that is experienced with trained Malinois only. » read more


Loomis is a 4 yr old neutered male. He knows his basic commands and is housebroken. He is pretty energetic and pulls at his leash at first but does calm down. Likes to play fetch. He gets a little excited to see you and tends to jump up but does redirect. He is nervous around little children but was alright around other dogs.. Not sure about cats. » read more

Salinger-Courtesy Post for Helena

Salinger: 1 yr. old male Shepherd X  You Tube video:   Salinger is a 1 yr. old Shepherd cross rescued from Fort Belnap Reservation. His legs are short and stocky resembling a Corgi's build. Salinger entered the Lewis and Clark Humane Society on 01/14. Salinger is still a puppy and it shows. He loves to play with squeaky toys, ropes and balls as he self entertains. He's a very loyal dog as he bonds tightly with his person. Salinger's best day would be spending it with you as he's very personable and attentive to humans.  Salinger went out on trial with someone that was unable to physically care for him but she did report that he did ok with other dogs. At the shelter he's very stressed in this environment and he's typically reactive to dogs on leash.  Due to his inability to cope with shelter life we have not had him in play group with other dogs. Once he is out of his kennel for over an hour he calms and walks by other dogs with no reaction.  Our Play Group Specialists believes he could live with another dog but it would take some work integrating him into a home with a playful, easy going skilled dog accompanied by a dog savvy owner. He cannot live with cats. When it comes to people he is a social butterfly. He's good with kids, adults and strangers. He does some jumping up at times and will occasionally nip clothing when he gets playful or excited but is improving on this.  Salinger is considered a high energy dog but he relaxes beautifully away from the shelter. He enjoys exercising and his favorite things are hiking, running and playing ball. He will need mental and physical stimulation as he's very intelligent and treat motivated. Sal knows how to sit, come and stay for 3 seconds and is working on shake. He's considered a fast learner.  If you would love a dog that would be a true new best friend then please email or contact the Lewis and Clark Humane Society  at 406-442-1660 about our pal Salinger!  Contact Info: Salinger is a resident of the Lewis and Clark Humane Society in Helena, Montana; phone number is 442-1660 or contact  Loreen phone: 439-7841 » read more


Diesel is a drop dead GORGEOUS boy!!!! Diesel is around 2 yrs old. He is paper thin right now, but gaining weight daily, from being starved...he is also starved for affection. He gets along with most all other dogs, just wants to play, not sure about cats, and he will chase horses, so control and training is needed. He is great in the crate in the house, very quiet, when he is out, he just wants to be with you...he does know sit, and he loves to be by your side. He has no manners, likes to jump on you, we are working on that. So no small kids, he may knock them down. » read more

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