Adopted German Shepherds

Angel-Updated...Coming back

Angel's adopter fell off a ladder and has 16 weeks of bedrest, so is unable to take care of her, LOOKING FOR A NEW ADOPTER!!!...Angel has been diagnosed with EPI, Pancreatic Insufficiency, which requires enzymes on her food with every meal..This poor 3 year old, long haired girl, has spent her entire life in a wire pen in the backyard of a not so nice person's house. His wife got the dog when it was a puppy and then the wife got cancer and died and the husband just kept the dog even though he is not an animal lover and didn't give a care about it. He gives her food but nothing else. And when she escapes the pen he beats the hell out of her. His neighbor, this SWEET old lady called me begging for help, as he said he would let her go if this lady would find a home for it. I had my foster mom go assess her and she said she is just sweet as pie, except she cowers, runs, and hides from the owner. She is big puppy and needs basic training. She likes to jump up and nibble on you like a puppy. I am sure she hasn't had any sort of training. She supposedly has no prey drive and could care less about the cats in the backyard, the squirrels running around, and the magpies eat her food. We do not know how she is with other dogs. And small kids would be a no as she would knock them over. Please lets get this girl out of her present situation. FAST!!! » read more

Dakota- Update--Courtesy Posting-Boise, ID

Dakota is a gorgeous 6 year old German shepherd dog. Like most German shepherds, Dakota knows her place is at her owner's side. She is a very devoted dog. When her foster mom is asked to describe Dakota, she says she is a happy, athletic, smart dog. She also has a puppy like quality to her, loves to fetch and play with other dogs. Dakota is housetrained and crate trained and rides well in vehicles. She gets along with other dogs, but would prefer to live with a male dog or dogs. She can scramble over a 4 foot high fence to come and find you, so cannot be left outside when you are not home. This dog has a great recall so can go off leash hiking with her people. When you call her, get ready, because she comes enthusiastically!  Email Joan for an application at or call 208-283-9513. Upon approval and home visit, adopters will be asked to sign a contract and pay an adoption fee (which covers the cost of spay/neuter, vaccinations and other necessities). » read more

Sarge-UPDATE-courtesy posting

Sarge is only about a year old and weighs in at a whopping ninety-eight pounds. He's a friendly boy to humans, and is learning about proper interactions with other dogs, and is doing very well with that. Sarge is looking for a home knowledgeable of GSDs and their training/socialization needs. He's incredibly intelligent, and should be a joy to train. Due to his limited social skills, Sarge would be best suited in a home with older children. Sarge is really looking to be an integral part of the family. He wants to go hiking, camping, swimming in the river, all of those fun things! And talk about HANDSOME! His massive frame and blocky noggin are stunning to look at.Sarge does have a case of hip dysplasia, and is scheduled for surgery in February. If you're interested in adopting Sarge please contact Gabi at Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter or 406-294-7387 for more information and to fill out an application. He is also in need of a foster home before, during, and after his surgery. If you can't adopt, foster. If you can't foster, donate! If you can't donate, volunteer! » read more


I am a female GSD, about 5-6 months old. My name is Rainy and I need some training due to my age, and well, I am still a puppy! I am very affectionate, I like other dogs and would need training if cats are in the home too, but I would prefer a home without cats. I love all people am working on my potty training. Please fill out the online application if you are interested in adopting me.   » read more


Phoenix is a 2 year old neutered male German shepherd dog. Phoenix loves people and is good with children, although he might knock over a small child unintentionally. He is good with medium and large dogs, but plays too rough for small dogs. This is a happy dog that loves to go for rides in the car and do anything you are doing. He is housetrained and crate trained. Phoenix knows some basic obedience, but we would love for his new human to take him to a formal obedience class where he could refine his skills. Phoenix is considered a special needs dog because he has Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency. He was adopted from a shelter in Utah as a puppy, but when he was diagnosed earlier this year with EPI, his family took him back to the shelter. Here is information on EPI:   His condition is being easily and successfully managed by the addition of digestive enzymes to each meal. In March of this year Phoenix weighed 49 pounds. He is now up to 68 pounds and an active and robust canine...and did we mention he is a HAPPY boy?  Phoenix comes with a one year supply of his digestive enzymes. If you are interested in possibly adopting Phoenix, please email us for an adoption application today. Upon approval and home visit, adopters will be asked to sign a contract and pay an adoption fee (which covers the cost of spay/neuter, vaccinations and other necessities). Coutesy posting, please contact   Idaho Domestic Animal Welfare Group  P.O. Box 9175  Nampa, ID 83652  208-283-9513 » read more

Katie -German Shorthair Pointer

Katie needs a forever home. She is a retired bird hunting dog. Katie is almost 11 yrs old and still acts young, she loves her spot by the fireplace and loving from her humans...Katie gets along with all dogs, and cats. She was left on a ranch, where she was not an inside dog. Katie doesn't have much of a coat so needs an inside home. She is sweet, loving, and a very good girl. She used to have seizures, but since she came into our rescue, she hasn't had one since she has been here, I have put her on a grain free diet. She would still love to go for a hunt once in awhile, but really wants a person to love. Katie is very easy to care for, and has been a no problem dog. » read more


Trapper is coming back into rescue, unfortunately his adoptive owner had a stroke, and his son is no longer able to care for 2 dogs, they are keeping Chloe the sister, but Trapper needs a new home, he is great with older kids, he is a happy go lucky guy and about 4 yrs old...totally housetrained and a big white boy...very sweet. » read more


Hercules aka Herky for short, is a great, approximately 2 yr old boy. He is in Columbus, MT and was a stray. We don't have room for him here, so we are courtesy posting him for Animal Control. He is great with other dogs, cats are unknown. A very sweet guy that needs a fenced yard. He is full of energy and needs space to run, and some training and guidance. He is up to date on his rabies, but does need to be altered, if picked up from AC, you will be required to sign a neuter certificate, If he isn't adopted out before he gets here, he will be neutered before he leaves. Please contact  Christine at 406-290-4802 » read more

Miss Scarlett

Miss Scarlett is a very sweet female German shepherd that we brought into our home just shy of two years ago. She was our second adopted Shepherd from MT GSD Rescue and my third Shepherd all together.  She is around 4 years old and is very has been a pleasure to have around. Our family has fallen in love with her but sadly, our other female dog does not feel the same and has started several fights with her and Scarlett is just too sweet to fight back.  For many reasons this is just heart breaking for us but out of concern for her I feel like she really needs a new home.  We live on 3.5 fenced acres outside of Missoula and so the Pups have some room to run.  We do a lot of biking and hiking and Scarlett is awesome on adventures.  We never have her on a leash but she stays close by and always comes back when called. She has been rafting several times and is good in the water and the boat as well. She is very friendly with other dogs… very playful too. She does have the habit of “standing up” to look out the front door, ect and needs a bit of reminding to not jump up on people when she gets excited. We have two kids that are all over her all the time and she is very sweet and gentle with them. She also loves to play fetch. Scarlett is a very unique looking dog.  I currently have a white Male shepherd who is a good size and she is taller and longer than him and thinner too although she eats more than the other dogs.  She is primarily Tan with a long black snout. You can see in the pictures that we are not strict with our Pups… she loves to lounge on the couch, etc. but when she was brought to us she would not get on furniture at all so I am sure she could be broken of that easily.   We have 40 chickens that roam around outside and she has never been aggressive towards them although she does love to chase rabbits, ect. She has been aggressive towards cats but if you just have barn cats she most likely would adjust to them. » read more


Nicki is here and doing well, his foster mom loves him, and would love to keep him, but must move for the winter. Nicki is a purebred, 6 yrs old male, Huge--96 #'s, UTD on shots, neutered, knows German and English commands, and would definitely make a great companion to the right person(s) who have the right environment for him, as he is good with people and likes companionship.   Nicki does very well with humans. He is extremely "alpha" and does not do well around other dogs that he doesn't already know.  Nicki does well on leash especially with someone who can assert his/her dominance (Has nothing to do with size; as you can see in one of the attached pictures Lorlie is only 88lbs).  He does not do well off leash around cats and dogs as he is easily distracted.  Nicki has received a lot of training and understands English, German commands and signs. He will walk by your heel; sit on command, down when instructed. And yes, he has EPI - this means that he has to take enzymes to aid with the digestion of the food he eats. He eats like there is no tomorrow, but everything he eats including treats need to be "digested" by these enzymes since he lacks the ability to do so.  He has no other health problems and as long as he gets the enzymes with his food you wouldn’t even know he has EPI. » read more


PISTOL was born on Jan 3, 2012, and is spayed and current on vaccs.  Her name comes from being born in the "P" Litter... it was either Pistol or Pickle.  She still likes it when I call her Pickle.  She sleeps indoors on her "green bed" (which is actually a red and blue sleeping bag).  She knows verbal and hand signals for come, sit, down, and is learning stand and "dead dog".  She knows verbal commands:  leave it, get back, quiet, green bed, and easy (when accepting treats).  Indoors, she only barks when someone knocks or rings the bell.  She is from German bred lines, with ancestors that are proficient in conformation and Schutzhund.  She has a good deal of drive, and would most likely do well in that sport. She loves obnoxious squeaky toys and playing tug. She has a lovely red and black coat, and is a very correct in her conformation.  Her quick mind and high food motivation make her easy to train. Pistol gets along with cats and other dogs, she loves to play, although a bit rough at times. » read more


Myst is a very sweet, obedient trained, 4 yr old AKC Belgian Malinois. She has great house manners, good with cats, small dogs and German Shepherds. Her original owner sent her for training and then never came back. The present owner trained her and would love to keep her as a pet, but has too many of his own. She doesn't have the concentration to make a drug dog. But, she does like to play ball some. She would rather be a couch potato. Her only issue is she is afraid of lightening. Myst is located in Arkansas with her former owner. Please fill out an online application for her, this is a courtesy posting for her present owner. Photos soon. » read more

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