Adopted German Shepherds


AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION: I had this dog dumped on me, and he is such a nice dog, he came in as too protective of his family, well after we worked with him, and my good friend Patty Silversmith, in Bozeman, took him home and did wonders training him, here is what she has to say about him. Prefer no kids for this boy though..experienced GSD handler.: Ravyn is such a good boy, he loves to please. He act more like a puppy. He warm & affection and gives lots of kisses. He know how to sit, lay, and he's getting better at staying and heel. He does get excited about going for walk and a ride in the car. He doesn't tear anything up in the environment he's in but he will scratch at the door if left alone so he might need to stay in the crate until he's use to his environment. He is still learning about the crate but is being such a good boy laying down and being quiet but if he's left for too long he will whine. He does not run off the property if your out doing chores and will come back to if you call him. He's not cat or male dog friendly, although he is learning to get along with male dogs. He'll do better with female dogs. As for horses he still needs work on his boundaries. He's awesome in the house just lays down when told and when you go to bed at night he just lay by your bed and greets you in the morning with kisses. He will give you a warning bark if he hear someone around, I do tell him no and lay down on his bed. If you introduced him to people I still watch him, if he growls I do get after him and he will listen but we only had that happen once in all our walks and bike rides around the neighborhood. He's a good boy. He loves to play ball and will return it to you. 3 1/2 yrs old, neutered male, UTD on shots. » read more

Athena-Belgian Malinois

Athena is a very sweet and MELLOW Belgian 2 yrs old, she is very well behaved, knows, sit, laydown, stay, come and heel. Athena loves to be with you wherever you are, and she is wonderful in the house. She loves to go for car rides and sits prettily in the back seat...she is crate trained, loves to play ball and will hand it to you, she is so tall that she gives it directly to my waist so I don't have to bend down. I can't say enough good about this girl, she is wonderful, loves to snuggle, and deserves a loving home without cats and small dogs. She is also crate trained. She is 27 1/2 inches tall and 75#'s. So is a very large Belgian Malinois. » read more

ADOPTED~Inga~Crossposting~Located in Nampa, ID

LOCATED IN NAMPA, IDAHO~~INGA's Story...Inga is an approximately 2 year old female German shepherd dog or German shepherd dog mix. Inga weighs 60 pounds at this time and could use to put on a few pounds. Inga gets along with the other dogs in her foster home including a small 15 pound neutered male sheltie. We do not know how she is with cats. This dog lives for her people. We have not seen her with children, but she is most devoted to her foster mom and dad and is always next to one of them, if allowed. We feel that before coming into foster care Inga had not lived indoors. Even though she is now crate trained and housetrained, she cannot be trusted in the kitchen alone with things on the counter. When Inga's foster family is away from home, Inga spends time in her crate. At night she is allowed to sleep free in the family room with one of the other dogs. She is not destructive. Inga can jump a 4 foot fence and will do so to try to find you! So you cannot leave her outside when you are not home. If her foster mom is home, Inga makes no attempts to go over the fence and would rather be indoors. When outside she will bark when she sees something unfamiliar, but is not a nuisance barker. This dog needs a formal obedience class and some confidence building. She is ready to bond with her new family and a class is a great way to start. Inga's adoption fee is $200 and includes spay, vaccinations, microchip, collar and ID tag. If interested in possibly adopting Inga, email Joan for an adoption application at » read more

Your Dog Guru-Coming to Montana for Seminar!!!

We are excited!!~~Jimi Livshitz/Your Dog Guru, is coming to Montana to do a seminar on dog training. Please check him out on his website and email us at for more information. We will post on here and our Facebook page when we have dates available and cost of the seminar. Here is a bit about Jimi from his website!! Jimi Livshitz has been involved in training dogs for over 27 years starting in Israel and then in the US for the past 13 years. His first Dog was a mid size abandoned and abused shepherd mix male named Miki. Miki eventually became a Service Dog for a local disabled person assisting with epileptic seizure detection. Jimi has learned with some of the best, including from direct descendants of Dr. Rudolphina Menzel who was a cynologist best known for her work in the field of animal behavior in Austria. Jimi furthered his experience by working with all different breeds and training for a variety of purposes. By the time Jimi was 15 he was training dogs that were at such a high level of skil and obedience that they were selected as detection, cadaver, guide, and seizure alert dogs. He continued apprenticing under many of the best trainers at the time. Jimi spent many years training and competing with his GSD Nora in protection and obedience up to a SCH III competitor. He traveled throughout Europe to continue his education in Germany and Holland later consulting with Police operations with KNPV. During time serving in IDF Jimi trained and successfully deployed many K9 Teams for tactical real life situations. During the time of service he was influential and essential part in Oketz. Jimi has resided in Arizona for the past 13 years and calls Phoenix his new home. He has been responsible for training some of the best, most talented and friendliest dogs you’ll run into around the Valley. His dream is to help get the State of Arizona to be pound-free while placing dogs as service animals for disabled and in-need individuals. Take a look at what some of Jimi’s clients have to say about him on his Testimonials page. » read more


Skylar is a 2 yr old long coat GSD. She was trained for a PTSD veteran, but is getting anxious due to not enough exercise. She knows, sit, stay, stand and lay. She sits, as soon as you stop when walking. She loves to play fetch and will bring it back, crate trained, and a very friendly girl. She loves everyone. However Skylar has not been introduced to other dogs, she needs work in that area.. Please fill out our online application for Skylar. Better pics later. » read more


Lando is another young 1 yr old boy from California. He needs lots of exercise and must continue with his obedience training. He is a big boy and needs an experienced GSD adopter. No young kids or cats for this boy. Lando ha not been in a house before unfortunately, I am working on him in that regard, but he is fearful in the house. He is doing better, but someone with patience in that area is required... » read more


Baron is a 5 yr old GSD, he is gorgoeus. Baron lived most of his life outside in California, so was not socialized very well. He is around 5 yrs old and a big boy. He loves rubs and pets through the kennel, but he is overly protective of his food and toys. He needs someone with GSD experience that can teach him about a good life. He walks well on lead and we will introduce him to the house gradually. He is in isolation right how due to having a bout of pneumonia, so he is on medication for that. No kids for this boy. » read more


~~This is one of our new acquisitions!!! I named her Maggie, it was the name she sorta responded to, but it just seemed to fit her too, she is the sweetest girl!!! Maggie is just under a year old! She is a talker, she seems to be trying hard to tell me how tough she had it!!! ..She is eating well, she has a terrible shedding coat on her right now, I am sure from poor food. She also needs to gain some weight. When I stop petting her she snuggles up to my hand to continue, her rib cage still hurts when I pet her there, and she gently lets me know by very gently mouthing my hand when it touches her, she was assumed hit by a car, waiting on answer to x-rays from CA...I brushed her and she seemed to love it. We went for a walk on lead, she walks very well. She tried playing in the living room with toy, wanting to toss it around, but not sure if she should..I can't say enough good about this girl. It is evident that she already had a litter of pups at under a year old, how sad for her!!! We are looking for someone with alot of patience to socialize this young girl. She will make someone an awesome partner... » read more


Sorry people we are having problems with this website, I am not receiving any emails from our contact us page nor any adoption applications, so if you want to contact me in any way, please email MONTANASHEPHERDS@YAHOO.COM , and I will send you an application to fill out..Or if you have interest in a dog email me there. If you have put in an application in the past and have not received a reply, please contact me there too, I probably haven't received it. So sorry. Thanks for your patience..Steph » read more


Heidi is here and what a great dog she is, probably around 3-4 yrs old, she loves to play ball, she will tease you with it and not always bring it back, she is super smart, she can open gate latches, so you had better lock them or dog proof them! She should do okay with a male dog, but definitely no females. She is not fond of little dogs either. Heidi weighs in at around 85 pounds, so she is a big girl. She is also very strong and will need continued obefdience training. » read more


~~Ruby is here...she is a gorgeous sleek jet black female German Shepherd. Stunning. At 2 years of age, she is a fun-loving, exuberant girl who loves to walk, run and play. She also just loves ear rubs, being brushed and just generally getting any attention you want to shower on her. Ruby greets everyone with a big smile and a wagging tail. Ruby would love to live with a somewhat active family and should do great with older children in the home. She loves to relax in front of the wood stove after her dinner. Wouldn't we all? Ruby has excellent house manners and would be a wonderful addition to your family! » read more


AVAILABLE AGAIN FOR ADOPTION....Unfortunately Kina is available again, her owner could not keep her contained and on leash as instructed...She definitely needs a fenced yard...she is still on her Heartworm treatment and needs to be kept on leash for the next 2 months to control the passing of her Heartworms. Kina is such a happy girl prancing around like she owns the place, she is great in the house, lets you know by whining when she needs to go out, she has a terrific nose on her and will follow it if allowed free. She does have high prey drive for deer, so needs work on that area, AFTER her treatment is over...Kina adores little children...if anyone is still interested in her or would like more info, please email me. Thanks, Steph ~~Kina is here~Kina may look a little rough around the edges, but she has a heart of gold. She came to us with severe flea allergies, and she is looking so much better after some TLC and flea prevention! She passed her evaluation with flying colors and is truly a sweet, docile girl. Unfortunately she has tested positive for heartworm. We will need to get Kina treated before she is adopted, or find a nice quiet home, where she can go through the treatment and not have much exercise..till she passes the heartworms. Maybe 2-3 yrs old? Kina seems to get along with all dogs, and loves to be with her human. » read more

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