Adopted German Shepherds


This sweet girl needs an experienced home, that will continue with her training. Sadie is 8 months old, great in the house, Is learning leash manners, and to not bark at other dogs..Sadire gets along with other dogs once she is introduced slowly...She loves everyone. Housebroke and ready to go to her forever family. » read more

Dixie- Malinois cross

Dixie is a wonderful 1 yr old puppy, she is kind and playful. She can walk on a leash, sit, lay down, jump obstacles on command and comes whenever she is called. Unfortunately her high energy levels have gotten her into trouble at our horse farm because she occasionally will steal boots and other gear from customers to chew on. She has her own toys, but she is so curious she needs to explore everything around her. She is currently wearing a collar with a wireless fence to keep her from running away to the neighboring farms. We have a Chihuahua with whom she gets along very well, she is even friends with our cat. Some customers come with their dogs to the farm and she gets along with all of them. She is spayed, UTD on shots, and she regularly receives her tick and flea medication. » read more


Django is a sweet 1 yr old puppy!!! He has awesome manners, except we are teaching him NOT to jump up on you. He knows sit, down and shake. Great in the house and yard. Loves to ride IN the truck. Loves to play ball. He is good with other dogs, even little ones, and lived with a 2 yr old child. He did not bother tthe cats, but they didn't like him. I can't say enough good abput this guy. » read more

Anya-Belgian Malinois

Anya is a very sweet almost 3 yr old girl. She has her basic obedience down and loves her suggles. She would do best in a home with a male or a more submissive dog. » read more


Ruger will be 3 on the 4th of July. He is AKC registered. He is UTD on everything inc. flea/tick.  He integrated well and is a fun, boisterous teenager. He has no health issues what so ever. His parents were both OFA hips, elbows, eyes. He has basic obedience and a decent recall, he sleeps in the house but is confined to an area by the mud room. He has never chewed or destroyed anything. He has been boarded at various kennels when we travel and I always hear he is easy to handle and very loving. Prefers to be the only dog. Experienced handler. » read more

Sitka-Belgian Malinois-Adopted

"Sitka" is a sweet, lovable 4 yr old girl. She is also a couch potato.  She has a lot of energy, she loves her rides in the car, walks off lead and has basic obedience. She is housebroke, she is not good with cats, and prefers a home without other dogs. We have worked with her, and if you see her start after a cat and you say "no" she will stop. But, if you are not there, I can not guarentee the cats safety. She is AMAZING, sweet, silly and is completely devoted and wants to do everything you ask. » read more

Kira- Belgian Malinois

Purebred 8 yr old Belgian Malinois; Kira is an amazing dog. She is definitely an indoor dog and loves to go for walks. She's good with other dogs, people and children. She is getting Nature's Domain Grain-Free, Salmon and Sweet Potato from Costco. She likes to ride in cars and she doesn't mind traveling long distances. While she's in the house she doesn't bark unless someone knocks on the door or she hears someone outside. The people that have met her absolutely adore as she is extremely friendly and loving. No cats for this girl unless introduced to kittens. Her mask is not as dark as most of this particular breed of dog. Kira is a typical Mali, loving to snuggle with her people and on her soft bed. Still very agile and active though. She has been much loved, owner is moving overseas. » read more

Cybil-White GSD-Update

Cybill needs a home with only a man as her owner, she is very protective of her owner and requires an experienced GSD owner...she does like to play with other dogs. Cybil is a white German Shepherd, she prefers men over women. She gets along okay with cats and other dogs if introduced properly, no small dogs or small kids though. Cybil is 2 1/2 yrs old, has a great personality and very smart. She is obedience trained and waiting for her master. » read more

Cybill and Rommel

Unfortunately this person has to give up his beloved pets due to health issues.  Cybill, is a female white GSD, she is two and a half yrs, spayed, chipped, and Rommel is black male, one yr, neutered and not chipped. They are half brother and sister. Both are typical shepherds who love to play, lay around and be with you 100% of the time.  Both are ok around other dogs but not real sure around kids? They have never been around them. All shots are current and they both have had annual vet checks. » read more


Titus is now in training with Master Trainer Brandon Ebneter of Bitterroot Kennels..."Titus" is about 1 1/2 years old and was found as a stray with a bull snap hanging from his neck, where we think he was tied most of his life, since he has permanent scars on his hind legs, where the cable cut into his legs. We think that living tied on a chain, and not much human interaction caused "Titus" to be non-responsive to people. You see, Titus doesn't seem to know how to connect or listen to people; he lives in his own little world, doing whatever he wants whenever he wants. And this makes it very difficult to place him up for adoption. Titus is very people friendly but does not understand when we try to communicate with him.  At first we checked him for deafness, thinking that an inability to hear was causing him to "ignore" our attempts to communicate with him.  However, we now know that he can hear and he simply does not understand how to listen to people because he does not know we are talking to him.  It breaks our hearts knowing that this boy has been alone from the beginning of his life, with no human love or relationship except for food & water, and not much of that, he is very thin also. He is a sweet boy and definitely worth saving, so we are reaching out to you to help us pay for a Board & Train Program with Brandon Ebneter, Certified Master Trainer at Bitterroot Kennels where he can learn to connect with humans and socialize in dog playgroups. Titus is okay with one or two dogs but, again, he is under-socialized and this too will be a learning process for him. Brandon has done a fantastic job with 2 of our other dogs, that were on the euthanasia list, and would have been put down, had it not been for Brandon and Jannette saving them and retraining so they would be adoptable. This is Titus' only chance and we want to see him succeed. Titus is under our care now and we think he is a super boy worth every ounce of assistance we can give him!   We are hoping you will agree and will help us as we support Titus' rehabilitation. We are in need of funds to pay for a month-long training program that will get Titus ready to be a member of a loving family.  Please open up your hearts and click on the Go Fund Me post, to donate through Go Fund Me or better yet, send a check to  Bitterroot Kennels, 119 Big Corral Road, Hamilton, MT 59840. Mark as payable for Titus Training, Thank you for any support you are able to offer Titus! » read more


Odin is being checked out for a police drug dog. He is not available unless he fails the test. More later. Odin is available at Bitterroot Kennels, master trainer Brandon and his lovely wife Jannette are training Odin to be a better dog. Odin is a neutered male GSD approximately 1.5 years old. Odin is looking for his forever home and is looking for an individual or family that is willing to continue with his obedience to make him the loving companion he wants to be.  Odin loves to play fetch, loves searching for his toys, and loves jolly balls, going on walks, peanut butter filled kongs and affection!  He is learning his basic obedience commands and is doing great.  Odin is eager to please and a quick learner. Her is a high energy dog, but settles nicely in the house after his play time. Experienced GSD home only. Please fill out our online application to adopt this dog. » read more


Here is another girl that needs a home. Kaiya....Coming 3 yrs old in December, needs leash work, but great in the house, loves to go for rides in the car. High drive, loves to play ball and chase. Great with kids, but not little dogs or cats. Better photos later, this was supplied by the owner. » read more

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