Adopted German Shepherds

Rupert~Special Needs

AVAILABLE~SPECIAL NEEDS BOY~~Rupert is 7 yrs old, partially blind with diabetes. His foster home loved him, and his transporter has fallen in love with him too..she said he was such a sweet loving guy!! Rupert had a 5 hours surgery to remove bits of carpet and shoe pieces that had been in his intestines for along time, probably since he was a puppy, he was also in diabetic shock from lack of insulin and was in the vets for over 2 weeks. Poor guy!! He loves to give big sloppy kisses, loves to play ball, go for walks and ride in the car. Good with other big dogs, cats and older children, he is gaining weight finally and getting stronger and now ready for his forever home, He will need special food and insulin shots/supplied, for the rest of his life. Someone will be very blessed with this guy in their home!! Rupert gets along great with limited eye sight, he follows me around doing horse chores, not in the pen with them of course, but outside the fence. He LOVES to go with you! Such an easy dog. » read more


Black Baron is here and is wanting his own family for Christmas.. He is a quiet guy, just liking to hang out around with you. He is a homebody, preferring to be in the house with you also. It is hard to get good pics of him, because he wants to be close to you. Baron is 5 yrs old, his owners decided to dump him at a shelter instead of training him. He does need some leash obedience work still, but he is much better, and he can be pushy with other dogs and cats, but just needs to have someone tell him that they are boss and not him!! He is very sweet tempered and loves all people. Baron LOVES to play ball with kids..He is totally housebroke and great in the house. He weighed in at 108# when he first arrived at the shelter in June. Now he has been on a restrictive diet and is down to 89.5#'s. He will make someone a great buddy!! Baron also gravitates to older folks and lived with another dog and cat. » read more


Luna the Mali is here and available, but to an experienced Mali home only..NO kids as she is too fearful of strangers. Luna is only 9 months old...She is good with cats, getting socialized with dogs at this point. We are working on getting her used to strangers, she is doing wonderful, meeting new people very well...she warmed right up to me and is my Velcro dog, here she is learning to play ball with a new person, Brenna, and ends up getting bunches of new snuggles!! She loves to play ball..what a very sweet, very smart girl. She is going to make someone very happy!!! She loves the snow here in Montana too... » read more


Kona is such a sweet and loveable girl, she gives great kisses and wants always to be by your side. She is approximately 2 yrs old, is very thin right now from too much kennel exercise, only weighing in at 50 pounds...we are working on fattening her up with her new grain free dog food. Kona is definitely a Malinois, with maybe a touch of GSD in there, her size, shrill bark, high energy, athleticism, (she hops in the back of the truck like a cat). She is hilarious with the hose, when I filled her water bucket in her kennel, she slopped up the water from the hose with her mouth, then proceeded to snap at it, sooo funny, wish I had my camera then!! She does need some work on introducing slowly to other dogs, she wanted to bark at my horses through the fence, I don't think she knew what they were, those big hairy dogs!!! LOL. She did correct easily however. Some time will be needed with her on obedience training, she doesn't know too much..she is crate trained, rides awesome in the truck, and loves her treat of a small bit of ice cream on the road!!! » read more

Name Me!!

NAME GAME TIME!!!~~This pretty dark sable girl is coming in next week. She has had a rough start in life, being a breeding female and looks like she has gotten in some tousles with other females, her ears are chewed up abit. She has the saddest look on her face!! She does try to assert her dominance with other females, so a home with a male dog, would be best. Nothing known about cats or kids at this point, more will be known when she gets here. She is about 3-4 yrs old, spayed now, and UTD on shots...... » read more

Annie- Mali

AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION~~ 1 yr old Mali, spayed girl coming into rescue, now taking applications,.Annie is a sweet, typical dog reactive female, needing direction. She does get along with male dogs. More known when she gets here, after July 9th, but she was taken from her dam too early, so still sucks on her blanket. Updated photos later also, these were when she was about 6 months old. » read more


Athena is coming back, she will be better with a female owner and an only dog, she does not like sharing her person!~~Athena is a 2-1/2 year-old, female Malinois with a beautiful black face and shading, and rich fawn coloring. She has no known health issues and is physically strong with a beautiful shiny coat and teeth. She is big and tall for a Mali girl at around 28" at the shoulder and 83lbs - she will need a LARGE kennel (she crates very well). She is tall enough to look at what's on the kitchen table without having to stretch at all (but she's not a food-stealer). She is extremely well behaved in the house - very polite and calm - always takes things from you very gently. She doesn't get on the furniture willingly (with the exception of your bed) or chew things - but she is a tad bit of a klepto - she stole all the nightlights out of the sockets and stored them in her kennel (but didn't chew them up). She walks well on a leash once she settles into the walk. She is the classic "velcro-dog" - characteristic of Malinois. She has a strong prey-drive and will need to learn impulse control - she wants to chase things (cyclists, cats, bees, etc). She has done well with small dogs as long as they're not on her property or they are submissive - but can be aggressive with other dominant dogs on her turf. Her "big voice" is very intimidating (but she's a softie). So, she looks like a Mali, and sticks to you like a Mali and has pretty strong prey-drive - but that's about as much as she has in common with the usual "Maligator". She does really well with house guests (humans) and really prefers the company of women - she is protective of her human females. Athena is pretty low-drive overall, so while she does like to "GO" and do a bit of mild playing (fetch and tug) she is not the usual air-borne, nuclear-powered rocket that you get with a Mali. She does well in the car and will wait until you tell her to get in or out. She has no problem staying in a vehicle and waiting for you. She will also sit before coming in or going out (if you ask) and She is very smart, has an amazing nose, and can hear a mouse whisper at 50 yards - so hide and go seek is pretty pointless with us noisy, smelly, humans - she finds you almost instantly. Given the chance she will sleep with you, (but is a total bed hog). She sleeps mostly in her kennel, but I've allowed her on the bed for the occasional short nap.   Athena is a very "soft" dog - i.e. corrections for her rarely need exceed a raised voice - any more and she will shut down. She seems to respond to marker training with treats the best as she's just not all that thrilled with toys or praise. She also knows "roll-over" and "boom" (flop onto her side) and "kitchen" (go lay down out of the kitchen). She knows most of the usual obedience commands but doesn't do "stay" very well yet. As far as eating, she's very much a GIRL and is pretty picky, but likes hamburger and some brands of kibble. She does NOT like raw chicken (but she wanted me to mention that rotisserie chicken is just fine. Be forewarned that she's a laser-pointer chaser, so I recommend NOT having one around as it's not good for her to be obsessed with it. » read more


Wanted—firm but fair, confident, and fun two-legged to give me my forever home.  My name is Ruger, I am 3 1/2 yrs old, and I haven’t had the best start in life.  My first family let me rule the roost, gave me no rules or boundaries to live within, and did not socialize me very well.  Unsurprisingly, I became too much for them to deal with, so they gave me up.  My 2nd person, who I thought was going to be perfect for me, brought me back after only a week because he said he just couldn’t deal with me in his life at that time.  When I first came into rescue, I was extremely fearful and defensive because of it, but the wonderful lady here has worked very hard to bring me out of my shell and has shown me that there isn’t anything to be afraid of, and so I am becoming a more confident, happy dog.  I will now let her pet me while I am eating and will even eat politely out of her hand.  I jump up on the front of my kennel now when I see her coming instead of cowering in the back of my kennel because I know she will pet me and will even take me out for a walk or just to play.  I have a dog in the kennel next to me who is sort of silly, and I can just look at her and think she is silly instead of having to growl and try to scare her away.  I did have to snap at her nose when she stuck it through to snip at me, so I think I would still be better off in a one dog household, but I’m trying to be brave and be a good boy.  I am very protective of my people and property, so someone who is knowledgeable about my breed and how to show me when being protective is okay and when it isn’t is a must, but with proper guidance and reassurance, I promise I will be your forever best friend, and we will conquer the world together.  I am learning to walk politely on a leash, am house broke,  and will stick with my person once I know I can trust them.  I love riding in the car, but I am much happier riding inside with you, not stuck in the back of some pickup truck.   Please come and meet me and I will show you what a happy, loyal, devoted and yes, protective boy I can be! » read more


Hi, my name is Sully and I am available for adoption...This beautiful boy is here, he originally came from California, adopted into WA state, and the peoples lives changed in the Seattle area and he needs more attention than they can give him, he is about 3 yrs old. More known when he gets here. Looks like he loves to play ball...he is okay with other dogs, lived with a Doberman, but food protective with the dog, okay with cats, they attack him, okay with kids, but he can be protective and needs to learn his boundaries. Experienced GSD owner a must.. » read more

Jack-Owner passed away

UPDATE!!~~ Jack is actually Belgian Malinois and GSD cross, so he is very energetic he will NOT do well in a sedentary home he needs someone to play Frisbee with him everyday and use his mind alot.Jack's owner passed away the other day, he is now a trained service dog, 6 yrs old. He is very smart, as his new owner trained him in German also, so he is bi-lingual. Does NOT like little dogs..Former listing~~Jack is coming into rescue, his owners moved into an apartment in the big city, and can no longer give Jack the stimulation he needs. He absolutely loves humans and especially if they will play with him or give him a job to do. He is absolutely the smartest dog that I have ever owned and has a ridiculous innate ability to fulfill commands that the handler will give. Fetch, tug, agility and herding type exercises are amongst his favorite activities. He is very calm and docile inside our apartment. Outside and playtime he is consistently willing to give 125% effort. When it is playtime he is very mission and job driven. The dog will literally keep playing as long as the handler wants, which puts the responsibility on the handler to know the dog's limitations. I have an extremely great dog that I love, who gives me 125% all the time, and is extremely obedient- ready to please, We had a behaviorist assess him and she ruled out any anxiety or dog aggression. It was her opinion that Jack was a true working dog. A working dog by both breed type and true personality. I say that because we also have an English Mastiff who is also a working dog, just with a different definition of work! She went on to opine that Jack would excel at certain working dog sports. Mainly she mentioned three things: 1. Schutzhund 2. Herding 3. Agility She recommended that I write up a letter to demonstrate all the useful commands and talents that he knows. She was very impressed with the level of intelligence and training that Jack displayed, especially when given a job to do.  Prior to moving out here, I invested an enormous amount of time training Jack to a high level. He is at a place where I think with a good handler he would be one of (if not the) best dog for Schutzhund, agility , or herding. I especially agree with this because Jack at 5 years old is extremely fast, light, and agile.  Jack gets excited around other dogs on initial interaction, but not uncontrollably so. After doing the initial bottom sniffing meet-n-greet he will no longer engage or interact with the dog. Rather he is more concerned with finding a job to do. Videos of his agility work will be provided upon request. » read more


ADOPTED~~ By a former adopter!!!  Arie is coming back into rescue, his owner passed away, So sad!!....he is now around 4 yrs old, he is abit overweight also, needing to lose around 10 pounds. He is on grain free food, as he has allergies to corn....Arie loves everyone, and is great on leash, no cats for this boy though.  (From his former listing)Arie is a young 11 months old pup. He is a playful guy, wanting to be by your side. He is abit unsure of his new surroundings, but is learning fast. He does not like to be left alone at this time, he follows me all over the yard, while I do yard duty. He gives great kisses too. » read more


~~HELPING OUT A SHELTER!~~Doni is a wonderful gorgeous long coat GSD. ..This handsome guy may have some medical issues but that does not slow him down at all! He is an active, happy, guy that needs a loving home. Seems to be okay with other dogs. Not aggressive. Wants to please. Bred for the show so his back and end are not the best looking! What a sweet guy he is!! Better pics when he gets here Friday! » read more

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