German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois Rescue

Serving Montana, Washington, Idaho and Wyoming

Our goal is to match the right dog with the right family. We are often able to help coordinate logistics if you are interested in a dog that is not in your immediate area.

Mission Statement: To find caring, loving, permanent homes for surrendered, abandoned or neglected dogs and puppies. Montana German Shepherd Rescue hopes to ease the problem of the population overflow occuring in many of our shelters today.

We educate the individual on the importance of sterilizing the pet and providing superior care. We are composed of a network of foster families and are in need of finding more foster care providers with the time and commitment to provide care for these animals in transition.

We also are in need of people to provide transportation for these animals. We are an ALL-VOLUNTEER rescue. ANY DONATIONS are greatly appreciated and will help a GSD find it's forever home or feed a friend in need.

Make Your Donations Today through GoFundMe. It's completely secure and you will help dogs in need at our facilities.

We need things such as dog beds, x-large, quality dog food, leashes, stainless steel bowls, rugs for crates, and of course donations of money towards vet bills for spay/neuters, shots, etc.

Cybil-White GSD

Cybil is a white German Shepherd, she is totally a man's dog, she does not do well around females. She gets along okay with cats and other dogs if introduced properly, no small dogs though. Cybil is 2 1/2 yrs old, has a great personality and very smart. She is obedience trained and waiting for her master. » read more

Adopt-A-Pet Approved Rescue

http://<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" /></a> » read more


Odin is being checked out for a police drug dog. He is not available unless he fails the test. More later. Odin is available at Bitterroot Kennels, master trainer Brandon and his lovely wife Jannette are training Odin to be a better dog. Odin is a neutered male GSD approximately 1.5 years old. Odin is looking for his forever home and is looking for an individual or family that is willing to continue with his obedience to make him the loving companion he wants to be.  Odin loves to play fetch, loves searching for his toys, and loves jolly balls, going on walks, peanut butter filled kongs and affection!  He is learning his basic obedience commands and is doing great.  Odin is eager to please and a quick learner. Her is a high energy dog, but settles nicely in the house after his play time. Experienced GSD home only. Please fill out our online application to adopt this dog. » read more

Duke-STOLEN by Pam Zachritz heading to Chicago area-Help!!!

Duke was stolen by  Pam Zachritz of the Chicago area. Pam has a prior arrest for STEALING another dog, please crosspost wide and far, to stop this from happening again. She did adopt Murh the Malinois, came out here to Montana for a vacation at my home, and pick Murph up, but took it upon herself to take Duke also, knowing that he was being adopted the day after she took him...please help us locate and return Duke. She also stole other MTGSD property, including original dog files for the dogs and for a dog she doesn't have, a wire crate and other MTGSD property... The Sheriff is working on the case also. Duke would make someone a great Personal Protection Dog. with the correct training. Duke is a 2 yr old AKC Registered male. He needs an experienced adopter and continued obedience training. He is a dominant dog and needs socialization. Great in the house, and loves to go for rides in the car. He is VERY protective so no small kids or cats. » read more


Gus really is sweet and soft hearted. He has made significant progress with his behavior. He bonded well with Gracie and adores being with her. He will do okay with a cat, just takes an adjustment period.  He is even super good in the house while we are at work. He is just super bull headed. The running away thing we have been unable to break. He looks right at you then takes off through the electronic barrier and sends us a wild goose chase staying a few feet away so you can't catch him. So we give up and after about an hour he shows back up at home like no big deal... It's nuts.. The folks that had him really let him rule the roost. But, like I said, he is much better.  He REALLY needs a fenced area and he'd be fine. When I work with him he returns on command but when we are not in a contained area he will not cooperate.. He can't be off lead anywhere. We walk him every day, does awesome. LOVES other dogs now. Dog park does wonders. He needs a crate/kennel. It is his "safe zone". We kennel him when people come over. Sometimes he is fine with guests and other times not. It's a crap shoot. It works better to just put him in, he is fine with it and honestly, it's a non issue now. But I can guarantee that No one will be breaking in!!! His soothing item is a stuffed animal, can't sleep without them. Funny huh. Was a life saver when we figured that out. It's like a sedative for him. Lol...He will play fetch a wee bit but only after dark. Weird. Loves tug toys. I feel really bad because he is just a little whacked out soft oaff. Like a special needs kid.  We spend many hours outside and it sucks that we live in a constant worrisome state that he'll run away. He doesn't Go far, just far enough to cause trouble, steal a bone here, poop over here, chase a cat there, you Dennis the Menace. » read more

Bitterroot Kennels

Bitterroot Kennels is our choice for your new German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois obedience training and behavior modification. Please consider Master Trainer Brandon for your obedience needs. Located in Hamilton, they have a Board and Train program. They also sell top quality grain free dog food, and wonderful toys, in the pet shop. Go to their website   or contact them at. Bitterroot Kennels & 8Paws Pet Shop  119 Big Corral Road  Hamilton, Montana 59840  P: 406.363.6616  E: » read more

Hoss-Courtesy posting

Hoss is 7 yrs old, male AKC registered German Shepherd. Hoss' sire was the 2001 Sieger winner. He is great in the house, loves to play ball, and is protective of his people. He is good with female dogs, but not males, and no cats or kids please. He is obedience trained, and crate trained. Hoss is currently out of the state of Montana. Please fill out an online application. » read more

Very Special Dog Book Available     A very close and special friend of mine, Nan Walton, wrote a fantastic book, and I am promoting it here, she is giving a portion of the proceeds to Service Dogs for Military Veterans. Please support these dogs and enjoy your read...Steph » read more

We now have GoFundMe available for gifts to the dogs.. » read more